Room Description

Located beside the hotel’s pocket garden, the unit has 2 rooms and you as the customer can choose whether or not to get just one room or the whole unit itself.

 Bed: 1 Queen / 2 Single Beds


On booking reservations with children: all children below 10 years old are automatically free of charge. You can call our reservations desk directly if you have children below 10 years old to avoid incurring extra charges via online booking. We are working on improving this in our online reservations system. For the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Discounts are available on all rooms until promo lasts. Please contact us to avail the discount information. Click here to avail.
Standard Rate: P1,849 Peak Rate: P2,125
Standard Rate: P2,249 Peak Rate: P2,585
Standard Rate: P3,999 Peak Rate: P4,595