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To all our Baguio visitors, here’s an infomercial about our beloved Baguio..most visitors complain of heavy traffic here in the city during holidays and long avoid this, why don’t we walk instead?

Walking is definitely more fun here in our city since our weather is more temperate compared to our lowland provinces…just don’t forget to bring fluids for hydration, wear comfy, sturdy walking shoes, and a hanky to wipe off that sweat (or cover your face to ward off traffic fumes when walking in the more populated parts of Baguio..heh heh heh)

By the way…Baguio residents are also trying to embrace this new lifestyle..our city is much more beautiful when experienced on foot rather than in an air conditioned car…

..there are so many things to do in Baguio and it’s more fun doing so when walking…

What are we waiting for?! Let’s all walk happy!

Here is the You tube link for the infomercial: